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Superman:Trendsetter with... by Dragonsfire867 Superman:Trendsetter with... by Dragonsfire867
Superman: Trendsetter with Unusual Taste. ^_^ Front page of the Daily Planet, by me. Hee =D

This is what it says:
Metropolis’ favorite superhero isn’t just the protector of the city, but apparently a trendsetter as well. Instead of donning the noteworthy red, blue, and yellow costume that the Man of Steel has been known to wear in the past, Superman has now switched to the famous Hello Kitty attire in red, white, and pink, complete with the Hello Kitty logo on the front of his outfit. When asked about his rather unusual switch in fashion, Superman exclaimed that he was tired of his customary attire and was out to find a different style. “Well, I did like my previous costume, but face it; red, blue, and yellow’s been done,” Superman stated. “I wanted to go for something more in the…funky sense. Something new and never done before.” After that, he also mentioned that he chose Hello Kitty because of its wholesomeness and appropriateness for people of all ages. “Plus,” he added with a grin, “I used to watch Hello Kitty all the time when I was younger, and loved the show.”
Several people were asked about this, and all had interesting replies to the Man of Steel’s switch from manly blue, red, and yellow to baby pink, red, and white. One man exclaimed, “I don’t know how he does it. Flying around the city like that, all in pink and still keep his cool. Takes a real man to wear that stuff. Especially with Hello Kitty on his chest.” One woman piped in, joined by several others, “Pink is a way to express your femininity. And we just love a guy who can show his sensitive side.” A teenage girl walking by stated, “Well, it is a little on the funky side, I can’t say I agree with his choice in color, but as long as he likes it and continues doing what he does best, I don’t have a problem with Superman flying around in Hello Kitty clothes.”
It appears that the Man of Steel is being, on the most part, supported in his unusual shift in vogue. Along with that, many citizens have also picked up the style and have been seen walking around in what appears to be Metropolis’ newest fashion.

HEE. I used Photoshop and Microsoft Word, and transfered the writing into a text format and adjusted it to the size of the newspaper. Fun. The alteration of Superman himself was a piece of cake. ^_^ Enjoy!
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Jess4564 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I LOVE YOU!!! That is so epic! my friend is laughing so hard right now!
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HAHAHA! That is the best thing I've seen today XD!
JeffHoffman Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2007
LMFAO XD i told my friend at Church about this pic and she busted up laughing
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Zu Ha Ha Ha ! really good job here.
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HA! i love you so much right now.
cooldjmonkey Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2006   Traditional Artist
Oh, Superman...
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hahahahahahahahaha OMG!!
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